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International students are taking advantage of free online courses to improve their resumes and getting admissions in high ranking universities. Are you the person who would like to get free scholarships? Please check out new courses below and if you have any question then please contact us.

Google Free Online Course On Computational Thinking
Google is offering free online course for worldwide teachers. The main aim of Google for this is to make its students understand the difference between computational thinking and computer science. It also helps …Read More

University Of Melbourne Free Online Course on Climate Change 
The scientists and economists both have their own perception regarding the phenomenon of climate change. University of Melbourne with Coursera is offering a free online course on climate change … Read More

British Council Free Online Course For Understanding IELTS
British Council is offering free online course to improve English language proficiency and to prepare for tests. This MOOC will give tips and advice to English language learners to get benefits. The course focus … Read More

Harvard University Online Course To Learn American Government & Politics
Harvard University with edX is offering free online course introduction to American government and politics. It will also highlight its foundations, institutions, organizations, and policies. To join this course … Read More

World Bank Free Online Course On Management In Health
The World Bank Group is offering online health management course for public managers in the health sector at the sub-national level. The course will make you learn about management of public organization … Read More

MIT Free Online Course on Molecular Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering massive free online course in the field of Biology & Life Sciences. This online course is specifically designed to learn DNA Replication and Repair. The MOOC … Read More

University of Edinburgh MOOC on Philosophy & Sciences
To learn about historical and philosophical foundations of contemporary science, the University of Edinburgh is offering free online course. This MOOC on Philosophy and the Sciences make you known to some of the …Read More

SPRC Free Online Course on Locating & Understanding Data For Suicide Prevention
The Suicide Prevention Resource Center is offering online course on suicide prevention free of charge. This online course will help to understand the suicide problem in your state or community by introducing a … Read More

Free Online Course On Writing In English For University Study
Academic writing is different for other types of writing. Non-english natives generally face some problems in academic English writing for while studying in the UK, US, Australia or other countries where English … Read More

Aromahead Institute Free Online Course : Introduction to Essential Oils
To popularize accessibility of essential oils globally the Aromahead Institute is offering online study program. The course curriculum includes all important information about essential oils, and amazing recipe … Read More

Colorado State University MOOC On Science of Relationships
Colorado State University is offering free online course ‘Science of Relationships’. The course will give you better ideas of how relationships work. This is a noncredit program. It is a social-based program … Read More

Arizona State University Online Freshman Level Courses
Arizona State University with edX is offering online freshman level courses. ASU has created Global Freshman Academy that offers courses for Incoming Freshman, Returning Freshman and Educators and lifelong … Read More

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